delta blues audio

RS 600

What is a Resonant Speaker ?

  • Patented Design :  Resonance Disc generates an unique timbre aftertone 
  • Connectivity : Hi Res APTX HD 
  • Type : Active, Wireless True Stereo
  • Enclosure : Full metallic chassis 

Why Resonant Speakers® are so special ?

  • Pure timbre acoustics due to metallic Resonance Disc

  • NEARFIELD MONITOR  for headphone like environment

  • Tight, natural even bass response from the conical down fire sub-woofer

  • Resonance disc can produce a longer decay, almost a clean instrumental like response

  •  Solid metallic chassis and spike legs for the perfect balance and stability

Who is Delta Blues Audio ?

A pioneer in the development and engineering of Resonant Speakers®

Founded by a group of professional sound and acoustic engineers . It is  an innovative sound engineering company focused in Innovative designs and engineering, Wireless Audio Technology,  Private Sound Room design and Artistic Collaborations.