A new sonic experience

What is a Resonant Speaker ?

Resonant Speakers is a special loudspeaker inspired by the science of material resonance, the disc is made of ceramics and an aluminium alloy chasis. It features true analog stereo with advanced active wireless technology.  Resonant Speaker is an award-winning series and has been featured in Architecture, Interior Design and Art Magazines.   

A minimal modern industrial design with superb sound quality. Resonant Speaker features a patented resonance disc and a long throw conical 360 degree downfire woofer. 

Inspired by the unique tonal properties of delta blues resonator guitarsThe revolutionary design using a resonance disc can produce a longer decay, almost a clean instrumental like response.

Why Resonant Speakers is so special ?

  • Award-winning design 

  • Pure timbre acoustics due to hand-made ceramics chassis and resonance disc

  • Natural even bass response from the conical down fire sub woofers

  •  Solid metallic spike legs for the perfect balance and stability

  • Edgeless mnial design

Who is Delta Blues Audio ?

Delta Blues Audio is founded by a group of professional sound and acoustic engineers . It is  an innovative sound engineering company focused in Audio Loudspeakers, Wireless Audio Technology,  Private Sound Room and Artistic Collaborations.

Delta Blues Audio オーディオラウドスピーカー、ワイヤレスオーディオテクノロジー、プライベートサウンドルーム、アーティスティックコラボレーションに焦点を当てた革新的なサウンドエンジニアリング企業