A sonic Art Statement

NX is a special loudspeaker design. Truly analog, active and wireless speaking with today’s technology.  NX is also an award winning series features in Architecture, Interior Design and Arts Magazines.   

A minimal modern industrial design with superb sound quality. NX  features a full aluminium body, resonance disc and conical 360 degree downfire woofer. 

Our NX Series is inspired by the delta blues resonator guitars – its unique tonal properties. The addition of a resonance disc can sustain a longer decay, almost a clean instrumental liked response.

This is the next generation of loudspeaker design  !

Main Features of NX :

  • Pure timbre, instrumental like metallic acoustics

  • Expanded sound stage due to the specially constructed resonance discs

  • Natural even bass response from the conical down fire sub woofers

  •  Solid metallic spike legs for the perfect balance and stability

  • Edgeless minimal design

Delta Blues Audio オーディオラウドスピーカー、ワイヤレスオーディオテクノロジー、プライベートサウンドルーム、アーティスティックコラボレーションに焦点を当てた革新的なサウンドエンジニアリング企業

Delta Blues Audio is an innovative sound engineering company focused in Audio Loudspeakers, Wireless Audio Technology,  Private Sound Room and Artistic Collaborations.