Appropriately dubbed as  an “Retro  Futuristic” Industrial design, our passive speakers series draws innovative ideas from the use of a high grade aluminium chassis, resonance disc, conical woofer and spike legs for the perfect balance and tonal quality.

NX-1 Signature (above )


Unprecendented in acoustics design and originality, our signature resonance disc has gone through years of acoustic tests before they were created, hence listeners can monitor the subtle timbre by virtue of this design.  Each speaker is hand-welded,  polished, anordized and even individually tuned, delivering craftsmanship and passion for the most discerning audiophile.


Based on vector and ergonomic paradigm, we believe this “Next Gen” minimalistic design will remain neutral and unrestrained, leaving the freedom to self expression. In connection to that, a well executed product should aspire a sense of well being in our daily lives.


Quality amplifier, passive speakers, quality speaker cables are essential to high fidelity audio. We believe most bluetooth solutions available today still  lag behind in terms of frequency response, sound stage, stereo imaging as compared to a traditional setup.

NX-1 (Signature)

All Fiber chassis 
+ 600 mm Ø resonance disc
Color : Black/White
Height: 1250mm (49")
Net Weight : 16 kg
MSRP USD  2,500 per speaker

NX-2 (Studio)

Anordized Aluminium chassis 
+ 220 mm Ø resonance disc
Color : Black/Silver
Height: 470mm (18.4 inches)
Net Weight : 2.9 kg
MSRP USD 530 per speaker


Bluetooth 4.2 
CLASS D Amplifier 
Clean 50 watts per channel
Net Weight : 0.8 kg
MSRP USD 150 per unit